Henna is a NATURAL, CHEMICAL-FREE WAY to color your hair gorgeous shades. In addition, over time you'll see hair that is shinier, brighter, thicker, stronger and in better condition than with chemical products. If you're looking for an exceptional long-term, non-toxic coloring option, environmentally friendly henna is it!  It is used for hair treatments, dyes, or decorate your skin, and it has medicinal uses, too. Henna is derived from the henna plant (scientifically called Lawsonia inermis). When you mix henna powder with an organic acidic liquid – such as lemon or lime juice – and some water, it becomes a very potent dye that can be used for hair color or to create temporary designs on the skin. For natural-looking red hair – If your goal is red or auburn hair, using organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals, you can combine henna powder with lemon juice and water to create your dye paste. Let it sit for about 12 hours or until it has completely changed color from greenish brown to reddish brown before applying.. Lemon juice will act as a developer for the dye and can even lift the natural color of your hair to a certain degree, it will not strip your hair of its natural color the way that harsh chemical dyes that contain bleach will.

Henna Powder (for dyes & masks)

  • Measurement:

    Fresh triple sifted henna powder (60 ml/ 4 tbsp) *

    Sugar (12.5 ml/ 2½ tsp)

    Pure essential oil (10 ml/ 2 tsp)

    Water (as needed)

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