Before the Melt

A 'sensitive skin-friendly formula' that will create a barrier between your skin and the adhesive

TIP: Apply with the soft sponge cotton pad and wipe hairline thoroughly to remove excess dirt and oils. This will increase the effectiveness of the adhesive. 


Shugar Lace Melt Adhesive

An extreme hold lace adhesive perfect for melting your lace

TIP: Use 2 layers for a short-term hold and 3-5 layers for a longer period. Make sure each thin layer dries transparent before adding the next layer. Apply pressure for about 15-30 minutes with the Edge Slay Band. ( When styling baby hair, make sure mousse is alcohol-free to prevent lifting)


Edge Slay Band

An edge band specifically made for melting the lace with an easy-to-use velcro attachment.

TIP: Apply pressure with this band during adhesive application

Application stick.


Unmelt Remover

A formula created to release the bond between lace and skin

TIP: Spray around the adhesive area and massage in. Leave for about 2-3 minutes and gently pull the lace. Follow up with the scrubbing sponge and your favourite shampoo to remove excess glue (if any) from your hairline.



A soft fluffy sponge that will be gentle on your hairline to prevent breakage from friction.

TIP: To be used as an assistant with the 'UNMELT' remover and/or 'BEFORE THE MELT' skin protector.


Application Stick

A wooden stick, great for adhesive application.

Dark Shugar Wig Melting Kit