Just the right pack for handling all your textured Hair
What it includes;
Afro Pick ~ perfect for combing out all textured hair from root to tip. It's firm metal sticks gives your the control you need to comb out your beautiful strands

Detangling Comb ~ wide tooth to use when dry or wet without ripping your strands. Gentle use this comb to detangle any often strands before using an afro comb

Double Bristles Brush ~ equipped with  two sides ends; one tough and other soft. Perfect to use when laying down your hair with gel or mousse. 
Gentle enough for fine hair types and even toddlers.

Rat Tail Comb
You know when you want to make that perfect partition line, this is the the comb for you. 
A  good aid for unbraiding hair too! . 

Afro Comb Kit