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This program was built for people who are passionate, creative individuals and looking to make a mark within the hair industry. If you are looking to learn a new skill and change the narrative on what 'Good Hair' is supposed to be, you came to the right place.

Whether you're  starting from ground zero or have basic skills we asses where you are, and work from there. Students will begin their practice on mannequin heads and then transfer the skills they've learned to a model. 

Areas of expertise the intern will work in include; 

1. Admin & Marketing

2. Textured Hairstyiling

3. Hair Braiding

4. Use of Extensions

5. Afro Management

6. Dreadlocks 

7. Natural Hair Treatments

If you think Hairbru would be the right place to discover your hidden talents, apply below!

2020 Group of apprentices/Interns
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