Meet the Team



"Growing up in Canada pushed me to explore my hair, in all its kinks and curls. Out of necessity, I learned how to braid my own hair, sew & alter wigs for the harsh winters and eventually decided to quit my day job and create a shared safe space where we can all have the option to enjoy wigs, braids, and dreadlocks."

Wig Designer,

"When purchasing a wig, it matters that if fits and feels right. My responsibility as wig maker and designer is to bring to life a clients visions, help select a wig that suits their style and color preferences, and cut, color, and style wigs for customers, if requested "



"As a loctician, my role is to start and guide my clients through the process of growing and maintaining dreadlocks. We use different techniques depending on texture of one's hair  to grow healthy and strong until the hair matures into dreadlocks."

Film Stylist

"Being Key Stylist in a film or series is really exciting. For one you get to see the behind the scenes action and meet the actors etc Most duties include researching and planning out the looks for each scene according to the script. tWe cut and style the actors’ hair on shoot days, maintain all wigs, hair pieces and caps during a shoot"



Marketing & Branding

I am an artist and creative. I love colors and designing. At this stage in my life im looking to learn a craft and Hairbru gives me the best outlet to try things out. 


I recently finished my 2 months intern working with Nadia and found my interest in social media & branding. 

Now I take care of our social pages, newsletters, branding etc 


Wig Making, Styling & Braiding

Currently studying at University of Manitoba. When i'm not there im at Hairbru. 

I started as a braider. I have experience from back home through schooling and working at hair shops. Moving here I wasn't sure what kind of work I would have. I heard Hairbru was accepting apprentices and I signed up, and here we are now 

My skills have definitely broadened. I now make wigs from scratch, style hair, and picked up other newer braiding techniques



I am an Aveda graduate, that is where I studied hairdressing. I've been interest in hair since I was younger. I love the idea of being able to change ones appearance just by changing your hair. I am creative, and artistic and believe this helps with my passion. When i'm not doing hair I am enjoying my time outdoors. 


When I first started at Hairbru I was colouring wigs, it was definitely something new that I haven't learned in school, but learning with Nadia made it so fun. Now my skills involve, cuts, color, relaxing etc. What even more exciting is that I get to work with Nadia on various films as a film stylist.