We hope to be a guide that encourages self-expression, confidence and power throughout your hair journey, 

WIGS are one of the quickest and easiest ways one can express themselves, augment their brand and distinguish themselves both personally and professionally. We offer custom made units made to fit, ready to buy wigs, rental wigs, wig installation, and wig repair services. See our online selection for options that rightfully suit your needs or reach out for a FREE consult so we can answer any of your questions.

BRAIDS are not just a style but a form of art, originally started in Africa with the Himba people of Namibia. For many African cultures, they were a way to identify each tribe or class you belonged to. Check our service list for a variety of eclectic, cultural and tribal options that best represents you from our expert braiding specialists or join one of our workshop to learn how to braid

DREADLOCS are a tried and true method of safely maintaining and growing long hair with minimum effort involved.  Historically, locs have held a very strong spiritual significance, from the Pyramids of Egypt, to the Rastafarian Movement, Locs have always been the next level of natural. Let us help you realize your choice of Locs and set you up on your loc journey.


Owner, Wig Designer, Braider & Loctician

"Growing up in Canada pushed me to explore my hair, in all its kinks and curls. Out of necessity, I learned how to braid my own hair, sew & alter wigs for the harsh winters and eventually decided to quit my day job and create a shared safe space where we can all have the option to enjoy wigs, braids, and dreadlocks."


Receptionist/Assistant, Content Manager

"I found HairBru in the beginning of my wig journey. Exploring my femininity in such a welcoming environment has been such a highlight in my life. I was thankful to be invited in a place I connected with instantly. I work our website, do shipping, try on every wig, an will be creating Youtube videos so HairBru can continue to teach everyone, including myself!"

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